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Remodeling Sanibel


Bob Watterson founded Egret Custom Homes, Inc over 30 years ago with old fashioned ethics of hard work to complete the job on schedule and budget. This has developed him a reputation for honesty and integrity. Over the years 90% of all our new business referrals has come in because of this and the expert craftsmanship provided at affordable pricing, multiple references can be provided for you before the start of any project. Bob has a motto “every job is important, from a simple repair or trim, to a room addition or full kitchen or home remodel.”  Bob has teams of skilled craftsmen to perform any level of repair or remodeling and will meet a high level of satisfaction.
Working with this quality full service residential & commercial company specializing in remodeling & repair will be rewarding experience as a client of 15 years says here:

Premier Properties of Pointe Santo de Sanibel 

  • He’s honest

  • He’s knowledgeable about all aspects of construction

  • Look at his work on our web site—every unit is his work and they are gorgeous!

  • You call him about anything in construction and he is there to consult on it he is very helpful.

  • He always tries to show you the economical way to do something—not to spend your money—you’ll do that well enough!

  • He can meet tough deadlines—we have work done continually around occupancy (check-ins) and he delivers on time.

  • But the best testimony is our web site— www.premiersanibel.com all units done by Egret Custom Homes

Contact Bob for a free consultation and some affordable ideas.
He is a quality residential and commercial fully licensed general contractor Lic CGC #047294 ,   EPA Lead-Safe Certified Firm

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