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Home Remodeling Sanibel

Home Remodeling in Sanibel

Are you thinking of home remodeling? Do you want a custom look and an affordable value at the same time?

Egret Custom Homes, Inc has been known for custom home remodeling for 30 years and Bob takes great pride in overseeing all the craftsmanship.  Having someone who is known for his honesty and integrity is very important when you are protecting your investment. Years of experience is a must when you want someone to select the right materials for the construction of your home. Whatever level of remodeling you need, from a minor or major kitchen renovation; widow replacement; deck or sunroom additions; or a bathroom remodeled; Interior or exterior painting; power washing; siding; tile work; or flooring replaced, we have the team that can help you.

We have countless satisfied customers all over southwest Florida and our referral rate is over 90%. Contact Bob for a free consultation and ideas that will turn your dream into a reality.

Home Remodeling Sanibel


Sanibel Home Remodeling
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